Teaching and Courses

Assistant Lecturer (ITU)

  • 2007: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (Java class, OPI)

  • 2006: Interactive web applications and services with Java and XML (E2006)

Graduate Teaching Fellow (Yale)

  • Fall 2004: Compilers & Interpreters (CPSC 521/421), Instructor: Carsten Schürmann

  • Spring 2004: Intro to Computer Science (CPSC 201), Instructor: Carsten Schürmann

  • Spring 2003: Design and Analysis of Algorithms (CPSC 365), Instructor: James Aspnes

  • Fall 2002: Mathematical Tools for Computer Science (CPSC 202), Instructor: Michael Fischer

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (Stony Brook)

  • Spring 1999: Computer Science II (Data Structures, CSE 214), Instructor: Shaunak Pawagi

  • Fall 1998: Foundations of Computer Science II (Discrete Mathematics, CSE 213), Instructor: Anita Wasilewska

Conferences/PhD Schools Attended:

Courses attended at Yale:

* Course was not taken for Credit (Audit)

Courses attended at SUNY Stony Brook